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ManageEngine provides a suite of products to answer all your network management needs, but we thought we’d give you an overview of just three of these products and how they can help you to manage your network.

In this short review we’re going to review OpManager, Applications Manager and Service Desk plus. These three products will let you manage your network, improve application uptime and handle user service cases easily – and to ITIL standards.

OpManager allows you to easily visualize your network and provides you with a great deal of performance management information – if you need to find the network bottlenecks, this product is for you.

Measuring not just your network bandwidth, OpManager can also monitor the health of your network equipment itself. High CPU, low memory, high temperate and other parameters tell you that faults are about to occur – fix them before they become major issues.

If you run VoIP across your network, then OpManager can help you there too, with built in monitoring and troubleshooting of VoIP and QoS. OpManger helps you with changes too, allowing you to automate network change management and enforce configuration management best practice.

Applications Manger answers the need that many network administrators have: how do you practically improve the network application uptime?

While you care about your network uptime, users really care about application uptime – that’s what’s important to them, so why not monitor, manage and maintain your applications and keep your users happy?

Monitor applications such as: Databases, ERP Monitoring, Virtualization Monitoring, Web Server Monitoring, Web Services, Website Monitoring, Middleware/Portal Monitoring, snmp monitoring software solutions and other applications.

Service Desk Plus lets you manage all those user requests in an ITIL compliant manner, which means that you can really make a difference to the end user experience.

Supporting multiple sites, self-service portals and an inbuilt knowledge base, why not enhance your users experience of your helpdesk.

Your business will get benefits from this solution, it can Identify existing compromised systems that may be damaging company property and Identify top bandwidth users and speed up your business applications. Remove latency that is causing problems with your company’s Voice over IP calls and Monitor your network, servers and databases.

ManageEngine has a product in every niche you need. Couple them all together for a powerful and reasonably priced solution to your network management needs.

Network management is all about having multiple tools for different purposes – managing your processes can be just as important as managing your network in achieving a reliable network.

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